Kia Oil Change in Gastonia NC

Kia Oil Change in Gastonia NC

The oil change is the most sensible of all maintenance routines. Its beauty and usefulness rest in its simplicity and the huge impact it has on vehicle performance and longevity. Do you want to have your car for a very long time? Don't forget to get that next Kia oil change in Gastonia. While every model and trim differs in exactly how often an oil change is recommended, most of the time it's in a 3,000-5,000 mile range or 3-4 months. Your handy owner's manual reveals this information for your model. You can never know too much about oil changes, so Courage Kia is giving this brief lesson as our way of serving Lowell Gastonia customers. Your next Kia oil change is a "thank you" to your vehicle.

Kia Oil Change in Gastonia NC - 2022 Kia Soul


A Kia oil change is your #1 way to protect your vehicle from engine wear and damage. The the oil and accompanying oil filter are a mighty fortress against contaminants and debris that when left unchecked may enter valves and end up accumulating as something that's a common enemy of your engine. Courage Kia believes in oil changes first and foremost to protect your engine from all contaminants and harm. If you skip many a Kia oil change in Gastonia, you're unlocking all the natural enemies of your engine, including: Overheating, Excess emissions, Debris. None of this might seem like anything to panic over, but it is in fact a list of things that will destroy your engine over the years. If you allow these conditions to persist and continue to refuse fresh oil to your vehicle, its engine will slowly deteriorate over the years and eventually fail.

Kia Oil Change in Gastonia NC - 2022 Kia Stinger

How a Kia Oil Change in Gastonia Helps

It's sometimes hard to believe that something as simple as oil might be the key between a vehicle that runs for 101,000 miles and one that hits 300,000 miles and beyond, but that's how vital oil really is. When the professionals at Courage Kia change your oil, your engine gets a fresh, perfect-viscosity batch of oil that matches its engine type. Many luxury vehicles are designed to run on synthetic or premium conventional motor oil, while the average vehicle will do fine with less expensive conventional oil. Then there are the vehicles that are getting up there in mileage that might need a special blend of high mileage motor oil. Certain manufacturers like Kia even care so much about their vehicles that they'll recommend a certain brand of oil in order to deliver the highest quality of oil to your vehicle. Our service techs don't need to explain oil changes to you in order to keep serving Lowell Gastonia with a high quality blend of motor oil and a change of oil filter, but customers who want to know more about the oil change process are always welcome to stick around and speak to our professionals about the condition of their vehicle.

Kia Oil Change in Gastonia NC - 2022 Kia K5

A Comfortable Place for All

The lounge of your auto dealership's auto center shouldn't be a few chairs and a cup of coffee. There should be full services there to accommodate every type of customer getting a repair. Fast services like oil changes and tire rotations should give everyone a chance to grab some refreshments and discuss any other issues with a mechanic in the meantime. Customers who need a long repair, such as a replacement OEM part installation, should have access to shuttle services or loaner vehicles if the installation is going to be a longer undertaking. Comfort is more than just a nice place to sit and some free Wi-Fi. The manners of your auto service team also matters in terms of how at ease you feel getting regular maintenance. No one should dread having to talk to their local mechanic about something as simple as an oil change. Let our team take the work out of regular maintenance with our breezy oil changes that leave your vehicle, and you, feeling refreshed and understood.

Kia Oil Change in Gastonia NC - 2022 Kia Forte
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