Find Used Cars, Truck or SUVs at Courage Kia

You never have to look too far or too long for used cars trucks SUVs in Gastonia. We've got them right here at Courage Kia. Our professional website leads you to pre-owned vehicles that deliver world famous Kia performance, reliability, and comfort. This year, we're serving Gastonia Charlotte Lowell with a large range of Kia vehicles that were hall of famers in their day. They retain their original usefulness to pre-owned buyers seeking a bargain or a return to old vehicle styles.

Used Cars for Sale

The Kia K5, Stinger, Optima, and Rio are just four of the used cars we have up for sale this year at our dealership. When you search for a vehicle like the Optima, you'll go to a model page that unlocks the great things about that model. For example, you'll learn the official interior and exterior colors, engine horsepower, transmission type, and mileage of the model. Under the model, you might find a button to official CARFAX reports on that vehicle's history. Vehicle History Reports are a report on your vehicle's past owners, maintenance, repairs, title, and accidents. The more you know about a car's history, the safer you can feel buying it.

Used Trucks

While Kia has not yet released a truck model, you will find other used trucks available at our dealership serving Gastonia Charlotte Lowell. Search through to find the truck that best meets your needs or type in a particular truck name to see if we have it in stock. Trucks give hard workers and even families a unique styling and utility that isn't available in other types of vehicles. You might even go through to find special edition trucks available at our dealership. We never forget our customers who love trucks.

Used SUVs for Sale

SUVs always get a lot of attention among our used vehicle shoppers. That's because they do so much for families. They tow a lot more than a sedan and just a little less than a pickup, so the SUV has a truck-like capability with extra room for your family or friends to tag along. Some of our biggest sellers of the year include the Kia Sorento, Telluride, and Sportage. These are the models that take you on camping trips, road trips, and family events, and they're always available every day at our dealership.

Used Car Loans and Financing

Financing used cars trucks SUVs in Gastonia can be a great experience or a nightmare of pressure and uncertainty. Don't work with a dealership that leads you to feel uncertain about your preferred vehicle, finance preferences, or needs. The finance team here believes in letting customers decide on the direction of financing. We don't call you every hour to ask if you've made up your mind yet, pressure you to take a deal you're not comfortable with, or try to lead you to the used cars trucks SUVs we want to sell at the moment. If you find a vehicle you love in our inventory, we'll help you finance it. If you need more time to pick something out, we'll give you space to make up your mind or even buy later.

When someone finances with us, they're the boss. Our used inventory is there to give you vehicles that make you feel comfortable buying. Pre-owned vehicles give you a much better chance of financing approval, so you've already made a great decision there. Take another step when you're ready! We recommend starting at pre-approval and working with us from there.

Contact Courage Kia for Used Specials and Finance Choices

Our inventory is updated frequently to give you the up to the minute information you need to buy the perfect vehicle for you. If you're interested in any of our used cars trucks SUVs in Gastonia, please contact a member of our sales team now. Our dealership serving Gastonia Charlotte Lowell will be here to make sure your next vehicle purchase goes smoothly and proves to be rewarding for years to come.