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Here at Courage Kia, our mission is to provide you with the same exceptional level of service that led you to purchase a Kia vehicle in the first place.

We offer a comprehensive selection of Genuine Kia Parts and Accessories, so you can accessorize your vehicle to fit your style. Whether you purchased your vehicle from us or not, Courage Kia is your #1 destination for auto service and repair in Gastonia, NC.

Among the many auto repair services, Courage Kia offers Gastonia-area services, including:

  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotation
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Transmission Repair
  • Brake Replacement
  • Factory Trained Service Technicians



Kia Service in Gastonia - Repair near Charlotte

A person's car is a prized possession. Don't trust it to just any old auto service center. At our Kia service and repair center, we have a constant connection to the Kia brand and the way they design their vehicles. Our auto mechanics get frequent training in new Kia systems so that they never lag behind the times. As we go forward this year, we'll be here for your vehicle, serving Gastonia Lowell Charlotte with friendly, professional service.

We Handle the Small Things

Your vehicle is usually very healthy early in its life, so it might not need replacement components or major repairs during that phase. Many owners take this "new" state for granted and begin to delay or even ignore important maintenance routines. Routines like oil changes aren't something you can ignore without suffering consequences later on. Oil keeps your engine's components from overheating or wearing out early. If you leave your model short on oil or keep dirty oil in there for long stretches of time, you'll notice a reduction of performance. If you wait too long, your engine could even fail or other nearby components could suffer damage, too.

Our Kia Service in Gastonia has an Express Service for short routines like oil changes. In fact, we cover a lot of things in our 60 minutes or less Express Service.

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Battery diagnostics
  • Multipoint inspection
  • Interior vacuum and car wash

We take a lot of pride in the car wash and vacuum service that we give our customers as a courtesy for choosing us. Most dealerships don't bother with this kind of thing anymore, but we're old-fashioned. Your vehicle is more than just what's under the hood. The interior and exterior both make a huge impression on people who travel with you, and they affect your comfort, so we're glad to do this small service that means so much to our customers.

Major Kia Service and Repair

The major repairs that come later in a vehicle's life include things like OEM component replacement, accessory installation, and large repairs. These are more time consuming parts of Kia service in Gastonia, but we take everything in stride. Our certified Kia auto technicians have training and experience in every scenario your vehicle might encounter over the years, including collision damage that calls for body repair.

Engine and Transmission

The engine of your vehicle generates the power your vehicle needs to move, and your transmission is kind enough to relay that power to the wheels. Our dealership serving Gastonia Lowell Charlotte is here to take care of the largest repairs of all. If you need engine and transmission work, you've got a good reason to call us. At Courage Kia service center, we are here for even the most complicated components of your vehicle.

Brake Systems

Modern braking systems are extremely complex and usually rely on technology to relay information from the braking system to your vehicle. For example, Automatic Emergency Braking systems need to be up and running at all times on your Kia vehicle. If something goes wrong, you need technicians who have knowledge of advanced technology. We do. We're also there for important jobs like rotor and brake pad replacement.

Tire Installation

Sometimes old tires need to be retired. Courage Kia service center is here when you're ready to pick out a fresh pair of tires. We keep information about tires on our website so that you know when it's time to get in for a new set of tires. We have incentives to buy from us every day. You get full installation by certified Kia technicians, a Kia Tire Price Match Guarantee, and 24-month road hazard insurance.

Schedule a Visit

Is your vehicle looking a little worn these days? Do you need a quick oil change and inspection? Are you in need of a loaner vehicle during a major repair? Please contact our Kia service and repair center serving Gastonia Lowell Charlotte. We're here to answer your questions about major or minor repair service, maintenance, or your vehicle. When you take good care of a vehicle, it lasts you through many good times and bad times. When you get service with us, you can have more faith in your vehicle and watch it reliably perform over the years to come. To schedule, use our online scheduler, write to us, or stop by our dealership.


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